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NaturaLines® Wood Ceilings
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NaturaLines® Linear Wood Ceilings

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NaturaLines® Liner Wood Ceilings

SelecTrim experts can assist in the design and specifications of wood ceilings. Incorporate custom shapes, sizes, finishes and woods to create unique environments.

SelecTrim's NaturaLines® Open and Closed Linear Wood Ceilings offer the warmth of natural wood to your various design situations. The linear ceiling aesthetics provide a vibrant feeling of receding and dynamic parallel lines. Open Linear Wood Ceilings provide an opening between the wood rails. This opening can be left open or a black filler strip can be provided to insert between the rails. Closed Linear Wood Ceilings are tongue-and-groove ceilings. Three options exist, Type I, Type V, and Type U.

This section includes all of the NaturaLines® Open and Closed Linear Wood Ceilings as manufactured by SelecTrim Corporation, dba The James Wood Company, 140 Catawissa Ave, PO Box 3547, Williamsport, PA 17701, Phone: 800-326-9734, Fax: 570-322-8842.

1. Use only select grade woods; (Ash), (Cherry), (Poplar), (Red Oak), (Soft Maple), (Aspen), (Mahogany), (Cedar), or (customer requested wood species) in the construction of the NaturaLines® Open and Closed Linear Wood Ceilings. The variation in color and grain will occur with each type of wood species and certain ranges of this occurrence should be sampled prior to acceptance as equal materials.

2. Panel options for Open Linear Wood Ceilings are presented in the table in this screen.

3. Panel options for Closed Linear Wood Ceilings are presented in the table in this screen.

4. Rail lengths shall be (random) not less than 48" and maximum of 144", or uniform ( ).

5. For Open Linear Wood Ceilings, the space between rails shall be (open) or (closed). If closed, the filler strip shall be (black) or (matching). Rail edges shall be (square), (radius).

6. For Closed Linear Wood Ceilings, the tongue and groove shall be (Type I), (Type V), (Type U).

7. The NaturaLines® Open and Closed Wood Ceilings will be stained with (Honey), (Walnut), (Cherry) or (customer requested) stain.

8. The NaturaLines® Open and Closed Wood Ceilings will be finished with (clear lacquer), (clear, Class A), (white pickled), or (customer requested) finish.

9. If acoustical absorption is desired, (1"), (1-1/2"), (2"), black faced glass fiber shall be installed above the NaturaLines® Open and Closed Linear Wood Ceilings.

1. Building must be enclosed and room conditions maintained equivalent to conditions when finished and occupied before any wood ceiling can be installed.

2. Ceiling material must be placed in the environmentally stable atmosphere 3 days prior and during installation to insure that wood ceiling panels have stabilized to those conditions.

3. The environment must remain constant at all times and not allowed to have drastic swings in temperature and humidity.

1. Install wood ceiling material only after all work has been completed above ceiling.

2. Conform to the recommendations of "CISCA Use and Practice" for the installation of suspended t-bar suspension system. The NaturaLines® Open and Closed Linear Wood Ceilings attach to standard 15/16" wide, heavy duty t-bar grid with SelecTrim supplied linear wood ceiling clips. The clips are installed in a groove on the back of the wood rail and the tabs of the clip bent over the t-bar grid.

3. Coordinate layouts and locations with other trades with respect to penetrations through ceiling systems.

4. Inspect and adjust wood ceiling panels to insure their proper location and attachment to suspension system are correct according to manufacturer's recommendations and practices.

5. Clean and touch up any exposed wood ceilings with matching finish provided by manufacturer.

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